Private Workshops

We offer private workshops and classes for businesses, agencies, and community groups.  Please contact us for more information on formats and pricing.  

Young Teens

Young teens (6th-, 7th-, and 8th- graders) are not little kids anymore, nor are they adults.  This is a unique bridge between childhood and adulthood where the number of responsibilities and freedoms grow, along with the number of safety and decision-making challenges.  Parents strive to provide children with the best skills to navigate social, emotional, and safety situations as they spend more and more time out of their direct care.

In this class, young people will gain skills and efficacy

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Alumni Fight Night

Even though Basics skills will last a lifetime, as with any skill, practice only helps. Alumni can practice skills, meet others grads of Prepare Portland, and have fun doing practice fights.  This is a great chance to review and to remind yourself of everything you know!


This 12-hour class focuses on bringing more environmental realism and more complexity into the scenarios. Additional verbal and physical techniques are included as well: ax kick, snap kick, forward elbow, additional reversal openings. Scenarios include: learning to fight kinesthetically wearing a blindfold, reversals in a bed with sheets/blanket, confrontations in an enclosed space such as an elevator, use of environmental weapons, and managing environmental obstacles. Instructor approval

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Adult/Teen Basics

This comprehensive program offers training in a range of personal safety skills, including verbal strategies, psychological and mental readiness, and physical fighting techniques. All skills are practiced in interactive scenarios with one-on-one coaching from instructors. Physical skills are practiced full contact, full force against fully padded instructors trained in recreating common harassment and assault scenarios. Students learn how to shorten the “freeze” response to fear and danger

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The Prepare'd Parent and Caregiver Workshop is a three-hour program that educates adults so they can help keep children safe. Created in collaboration with Carolyn Meyer-Wartels, LCSW-R, the workshop is perfect for anyone who parents, teaches, coaches or otherwise engages with children (especially young children). We'll cover replacing myth with fact, how to improve your risk assessment and intuition skills, and what you need to know in order to model and teach your children how to build

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Age-appropriate personal safety education classes work to strengthen children’s emotional and psychological integrity and to develop smart safety habits when dealing with strangers and people they know. Training covers awareness and avoidance of danger, how to make themselves unattractive targets for crime, emotional and physical boundary setting skills, and how to strike and flee to safety when necessary. Students learn how to confront unkind words and exclusionary behavior, stop

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