Young Teens

Young teens (6th-, 7th-, and 8th- graders) are not little kids anymore, nor are they adults.  This is a unique bridge between childhood and adulthood where the number of responsibilities and freedoms grow, along with the number of safety and decision-making challenges.  Parents strive to provide children with the best skills to navigate social, emotional, and safety situations as they spend more and more time out of their direct care.

In this class, young people will gain skills and efficacy in many different areas:

- verbal boundary-setting with familiar and unknown people, peers and older

- physical enforcement of boundaries when necessary

- threat assessment and management in various scenarios

- self-advocacy and allied behavior in exclusionary/bullying/teasing situations

- body language and confidence (and how they’re related)

- recognizing and overcoming obstacles to accessing help when adult help is needed


Our instructors are highly trained and professional. All material is delivered in an age-appropriate manner. Our students grasp the seriousness of some of the material while also having fun and wanting to come back at the end.  To learn more about our unique system of physical self-defense (adrenalized, full-force training), please visit How It Works


We also offer private workshops and classes for businesses, agencies, and community groups.  Please contact us for more information on formats and pricing.